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  • 保險和索賠英語對話口語練習(2)

    時間:2020-6-12 作者:admin



      W: Mr. Brown, I'd like to talk with you about something that is getting to be a problem. I'd like, if possible, to see it settled at this meeting.

      B: What is it, Mrs. Wang?

      W: It's about the quality of 300 cartons of dried mushrooms. They reached us two weeks ago, and were immediately examined after they arrived. To our astonishment, about 20% of them were moldy and in many cartons there were even small brownish bugs crawling in and out of the half- eaten mushrooms. We can't accept them in this state. They are unfit for human consumption. And the Medical Officer of Health has issued a ?Stop Notice?on them.

      B: Is that so? So far we haven't had any complaint of this kind. Our mush- rooms have enjoyed a good reputation for their superior quality for years. We are really at a loss to understand why your lot was found moldy and worm-eaten. Have you any evidence?

      W: Certainly. Here's a survey report by a well-known lab in London, whose testimony is absolutely reliable.

      —— 布朗先生,我想和你談談快要發生的一件比較麻煩的事情。如果可 以的話,我想在這次會議上解決。

      —— 王小姐,是什么事?

      —— 是關于300箱干蘑菇的質量問題。兩周前到的貨,我們當即進行了 檢查。令我們驚奇的是,大約20%的干蘑菇已發霉,甚至在許多箱 內有褐色小甲蟲爬出爬進,有一半蘑菇已被吃掉。這樣的貨物我們 是不能接受的。它們不宜被人們食用。醫藥衛生官員對這些貨物發 出了“停售通知”。

      —— 有這么一回事?我們還從未收到過這樣的抱怨呢。多年來,我們 的蘑菇因質量好而享有盛譽。這真叫我們難于理解,給你們的那批 貨怎么發霉了,甚至被蟲咬了。你有什么證據嗎?

      —— 當然有。這是倫敦一家有名的實驗室的檢驗報告,他們的證詞絕對 可靠。

      B: Though everything may be as you say, there are many factors involved. What's more, your surveyors have not mentioned any cause for the damage.

      W: The mushrooms were packed in small one pound plastic bags, sixty of these bags to a carton. It is stated on the surveyor?s report that external conditions of goods at the time of survey are all sound and intact. So it is obvious the cause of the damage is that the mushrooms were not completely dried before packing.

      B: As you know, before shipment, the Commodity Inspection

      Bureau inspected the goods in question. They concluded that the goods were well dehydrated from fresh and choice material and up to standard for export.

      W: I think the Inspection Bureau at your end, when effecting inspection, only selected a few package at random —— these hap- pened to be up to the standard. The part that was not dried properly, most probably, escaped their attention. As the amount in question is only 20% of the whole shipment, I think it is only reasonable that you should compensate us for the loss.

      —— 雖然事情可能象你所說的那樣,但它牽涉到很多因素。況且,你方 檢驗員并沒有提及造成損壞的任何原因。

      —— 蘑菇每磅裝一小塑料袋,每60袋裝進一只木箱。檢驗員的報告中

      說,檢驗時貨物的外包裝都是完好無缺的。所以很明顯,造成損壞 的原因是蘑菇在包裝前沒有徹底干透。

      —— 如你所知,這批貨在裝船前由商品檢驗局檢驗過。他們的結論 是,此貨已很好地除去了水分,品質上等,達到出口的標準。

      —— 我想你方商檢局進行檢驗時,只隨意地挑了幾包,而這幾包又 恰巧達到了標準。而沒達到干燥程度的那部份可能就沒被他們注 意到。由于波及到的數量只是整批貨的20%,我想你方應該賠償


      B: The inspection certificate, which is based on a random selection of 20% of the consignment as we've agreed on beforehand, is considered final and binding upon both parties. We do not accept any claims for compensation for loss incurred in transit, because you bought the goods F.O.B. Houston and on shipping quality, not on landed quality. Your claim, in our opinion, should be re- ferred to the insurance company, as the mishap occurred after shipment.

      W: We've already got in touch with the underwriter. But they have refused to accept any liability. They attributed the accident to the effects of dampness during the long sea voyage.

      B: That's a matter over which we could exercise no control, then. I'm afraid I have to insist that you approach the insurance company for settlement, that is, if you have covered this risk in your coverage.

      W: To my regret, we failed to cover contamination. This is an unfortu- nate oversight on our part and a lesson to us.

      B: Otherwise the insurance company would no doubt have enter- tained your case.

      W: Well, live and learn. It seems we'll have to waive the claim.

      —— 我們事前已有協議,任意抽取整批貨的20%進行檢驗,其檢驗證明 最終對雙方都具有約束力。因為你買的這批貨是休斯頓港船上交貨 價,以裝船質量而不是以到岸質量為準,任何運輸途中產生的損失 要求賠償,我們都不予接受。我們認為,你們應該要求保險公司索 賠,因為損失發生在裝船后。

      —— 我們已聯系過保險商,但他們拒絕承擔任何責任。他們將此事故歸 咎于長途海運中受潮的結果。

      —— 那種事我們可控制不了。我們恐怕還得堅持這一點,就是你們聯系 保險公司要求解決,如果你們投保了這個險的話。

      —— 遺憾的是,我們沒有投保“污染險”。不幸這是我方的疏忽,也是 一個教訓。

      —— 不然的話,保險公司毫無疑問將會接受索賠的。

      —— 是的,活到老,學到老??磥?,我們只好放棄索賠了。


      Mr. Lewis: Mr. Chen, we've received your notice of claim. That's why I came to Beijing to discuss the matter with you in person.


      Mr. Chen: Well, I know the making of complaints is an unpleasant business in the practice of foreign trade. But the present case is too serious to be overlooked, so that we feel we must file a claim on you.


      Mr. Lewis: Let's first examine the details. You complained that 150 sets of medical instruments were terribly rusty. Is it really that serious?


      Mr. Chen: Yes. Upon its arrival at our port, they were immediately examined. We're very surprised to find that 150 sets of medical instruments were terribly rusty.


      Mr. Lewis: We were also surprised. I'd like to tell you that every instrument was subject to strict inspection before shipment. And before I left, I checked up on the condition of the shipment, and found nothing in our record indicating any rusty instrument.


      Mr. Chen: Then how could it happen that 150 sets of medical instruments got rusty.


      Mr. Lewis: The rust may be caused by many factors. I believe that rust could occur in transit. You know, the goods were bought on FOB basis. And it was you who booked the shipping space and had the goods insured. Therefore we regret very much we can't entertain your claim. In my opinion, your claim should be referred to the insurance company for compensation.


      Mr. Chen: Frankly to say, we've got in touch with the underwriters, but they have refused to take any liabilities. They attributed the rust to the effects of dampness during the long sea voyage.


      Mr. Lewis: That is a matter over which we could exercise no control. I'm afraid I have to insist that you approach the insurance company for settlement unless you have neglected covering this risk in your policy.


      Mr. Chen: To my regret, we failed to cover the risk of rust. This is an unfortunate oversight. It seems we'll have to waive the claim.


      Mr. Lewis: While I appreciate your correct attitude in this case, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, I hope everything will be smooth in our future business.


      Mr. Chen: I hope so.








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